The early months of a year are often the busiest times for divorce lawyers. Here’s why.

For many couples, the Christmas period and new year celebrations are a time of resolve. To either continue in an unsatisfactory relationship or to abandon it. Couples may choose to call it quits after sharing one final Christmas together.

In 2018, 119,000 Australians tied the knot, while 50,000 couples ended their marriage. On that basis, two out of five marriages won’t be a ‘til death do we part’ relationship.

If the start of 2020 sees you at a crossroads in your relationship, it can be worth seeking some advice from a firm like Condon Charles. We have the family law experience to guide you through the choices you have.

Separation involves dividing up personal assets and making arrangements for the care of children.

Statistically, divorce most typically occurs around our mid-40s – a time when many couples have accumulated wealth through property, super and other investments. So it pays to know where you may stand financially post-divorce. We’ll help you to make the most of a property settlement so you can plan for a new life ahead.